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Jane Campbell is the designer and creative force behind Seams Like Magik with over 40 years experience working in fabrics and clothing. “I learned to sew in our 4-H club in Montana” she reminisces. “We used to get together with our leader and learn something new almost every week." In those days, nearly everyone sewed, and everything was meticulously crafted. "A trip into town to pick out new fabric was a big event!"

Jane has a BS in Chemical Engineering and more than 25 years experience in manufacturing, design, and technical management. Her background includes 12 years at NASA with Ground Systems Design Engineering at Kennedy Space Center, supporting both the Space Shuttle and expendable launch systems.


Making the transition from NASA to clothing design and manufacture might seem like a leap, but as Jane puts it, “Custom clothing designs  and fitnneed the same detail and three-dimensional imagination as engineering. Sewing just uses a different kind of power tool. I was looking for a new outlet for my creative energies, so Seams Like Magik is a perfect fit for me.”

In her free time, Jane is an avid and eclectic reader. She enjoys fine dining and ethnic cooking, science fiction conventions, historical recreations and Renaissance Faires, and travel. Jane is the mother of two grown children and lives in Washington.

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