{ Frequently asked questions }

I want a dress like the one that (name of character here) wore in (film or book name here). How much will it cost?

Each garment is unique. Prices vary a LOT. Do you want the wedding dress or the outfit from the fight scene at the 59th minute? Send a description and/or photo of the garment or outfit you want, along with your size or measurements.

Please tell us how accurate and precise you want to be. That will help determine if we can produce it and allow us to provide a ballpark estimate.
Materials and precision are important in pricing. For example, if the fabric is silk or handwoven the cost will be higher. If highly accurate color matching is very important and hard to locate in a fabric, we may not be able to find it or the cost may be high. If you are willing to accept substitute fabrics or colors that are approximate, you may be able to save money and time.

I can’t find the picture. Will you send me a photo of the one you think I am talking about?

Yes, however we charge a consulting fee of $35 minimum for time spent locating the reference material.

What happens to the consulting fee?

When you order the garment from Seams Like Magik, the consulting fee is applied to the total cost of the garment or outfit.

Do you make anime costumes?

We do not make costumes for specific anime characters. You may find that one of our items works for a character. For example, we will make yukata in a specific color if you order one. Many other costumers specialize in anime and it's usually best to contact them.

Will you make me a Star Trek uniform?

We do not make Star Trek uniforms as we have found that there are many suppliers of ready-made uniforms able to meet such a need, and at a much more cost-effective price point when compared to our custom work rates.

The cloak/dress/pants I bought from you a few years ago doesn’t fit me anymore. Can you fix it so it does?

We will always consider alterations on any garment we have made. Alterations are charged at a minimum of $35 up depending on the complexity of the work.

Why do you charge a consulting fee?

We would love to be able to answer all of your detailed questions but often this takes time from our production schedules and is inherently valuable to us. ALL consulting fees are applied to the project cost when you hire us to make your garments.

I lost weight and my corset doesn’t fit me anymore. Can you make it smaller?

Sometimes a corset can be altered to fit a smaller size. If you bought the corset from us, we will work with you to see if it can be altered. Often, a more cost-effective solution is to sell the corset and use the proceeds to buy a new one. Most corsets cannot be altered heavily and there is always a market for a corset in good condition.

I bought a corset from another vendor and it doesn’t fit right. Can you alter it so it fits better?

Unfortunately we do not work on corsets made by others.

I have a corset I started making and never finished. What would you charge to finish it for me?

We do not finish garments that were started by outside parties.

Do you do any alterations?

We will consult with you on alterations to a costume, even if it was purchased elsewhere. If it was custommade, it is usually best to have it done by the maker. If your maker is not available, we will consult with you. The first 5-10 minute consultation is free. If your needs are greater, there will be a consulting fee in addition to the fee for alterations. Most questions can be answered quickly, however. Please fill out the contact form with your question and a photo of the garment and we can go from there.